Permanent staffing companies in Canada

Permanent staffing

Permanent staffing companies in Canada : Job Vision Consultants is a pioneer of organized recruitment consulting services which is rapidly increasing its footprint across the globe. Our mission is to increase your organization’s efficiency through maximising the potential of your human manpower and to ensure that people get the right opportunity to progress in their careers. Throughout our journey, we have had a primary focus on supplying the Energy metals, mining, Analytics, BFSI, IT, ITES, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, Media, Retail, OTA sectors. Our experience includes the supply of large workforces to different organization.

Permanent staffing companies in Canada

In recent years we have successfully developed an effective presence across the globe and have been critical to lot of organizations looking to start their projects across the geographies.

Workforce Solutions

We offer a full range of services for the Canadian market including:

Executive Search/C-Suite Hiring

We help organizations build superior leadership teams at board and top management.

Permanent Staffing

We recognize that each industry has its own nuances in terms of working style, hiring norms and compensation standards.

Temporary Staffing

Adopting the temporary staffing strategy prevents over- staffing during off periods and under-staffing during hectic times.

Temporary to permanent Staffing

Are you unsure about hiring an employee fulltime? Are you concerned about wrong hiring?

Start-up scalable solutions

One of the biggest problems with the recruitment process within start-ups is that for far too many, there is no recruitment plan.


  • Global Excellence award winner for the year 2018
  • One of fastest growing HR Consulting Companies by The CEO Magazine and Silicon India Magazine
  • Best recruitment consultant for the year 2019 by the Business Connect magazine
Best Permanent staffing companies in Canada

We feel we can real value to your hiring needs by our services.

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